August Update

 We haven’t done this in a while, so we figured now would be a good time to give you an update on the state of projects we are working on here at VRC.

GP40-2: Just a reminder, the GP40-2 is still for sale on the VRC and Trains and Drivers website. Available liveries are CSX YN3 (Primary Pack), and the add-on packs are CSX YN2, Chessie System (including GM50), Seaboard/L&N, Burlington Northern (US Only), CSX Slug-Mother set, and the Norfolk Southern “Scrapyard” set. Although they were made with a different modeling program and look a little different than other TrainSimulator locomotives, they are still darn good models and darn good prices. If you ain’t got them, go get em’ – you won’t be disappointed!

U30C Chessie System: Dovetail Games has announced the work-in-progress unit, and right now there is not really much more I can add to what they have already said. I may be able to give more details as release time draws near. As for the VRC version, it is no longer for sale on the VRC website.


Switching the west side.

U30C Southern Pacific add-on: This unit is in locomotive Purgatory – almost ready for testing, but not having any work done to it. Other projects have priority right now, but we’ll roll around to it again once a free time slot comes open.


Unreal – because company loves misery!

C30-7 CSX: Lots of testing going on with this unit right now. When it’s right, we will release it. I think you will be impressed at the advancements that were made in the ten years between the first U30C’s and the first C30-7’s.


C39-8 Norfolk Southern: The locomotive is in the unwrapping stage, which is a real pain. Last week I was able to travel to Huntsville, Alabama to collect sounds for the locomotive from a short-line railroad’s B39-8E’s. True to what you have heard about the early Dash 8’s, the units were stubborn and ailing the day I was there. I got some good sounds, but there is much more work to be done to finish the pack, and more sounds will be needed.

I only spent eight hours in the heat. These guys do it every day, all day.

I only spent eight hours in the heat. These guys do it every day, all day.

Norfolk Southern Atlanta North District Route: At some point this freeware route will be re-released, but it will be an as-is item, meaning that if you don’t have or cannot find the required Assets for it, you will be out of luck. It will come with all signals that are needed, as well as the SMMDigital Assets, but some things you will have to supply yourself. I will publish a list of route dependencies upon release.

Dalton, Georgia USA.

Dalton, Georgia USA, circa 2011.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Go out and enjoy your summer by the pool. When Winter rolls around and you can’t go outside, we’ll be waiting.