August Update

Is it hot enough for you? The dog days of August are the perfect time to sit inside in front of the cool AC and ride your favorite train game! And now for the monthly news on upcoming projects…

Norfolk Southern GP40-2: The locomotive, slug, and freight cars are finished, and are now in the test and QD scenario phases.

Chessie  U30C: If you haven’t guessed by now, the Chessie Phase 1 will be the first locomotive out of the gate. The recon trip to the Illinois Railway Museum was both a blessing and a curse. Seeing the protoype confirmed that for the most part the locomotive is correct, but it also brought to light changes that needed to be made. After a couple of weeks of work, the final build shape was completed on July 29th. From here the locomotive goes into the testing and bug-fix phase. At the same time i’ll be working on the manual and a scenario or two. If all goes well, look for the U.S. release of U30C: Phase 1 Chessie in the eStore around mid-September. We will start posting photos again near the release date.

The U30C: Phase 2 Burlington Northern will be released later. The P2 has an AAR master controller, which was standard on locomotives from 1972 until the advent of the comfort-cab. The controller is still under construction.