Changes Are Coming

Let’s just all be real here. Most of our customers hate the eStore that we are using to vend our products. It’s kludgy and hard to use, both for customers and for administrators. Well good news for both of us; we are ditching the current eStore in favor of a simpler way of taking an processing orders.

Now before I go on, I would like to give a nod to, the purveyors of the eStore that we have been using. 1and1 is a large web hosting company, and I (and then We) have been using them for years. If you are web savvy and don’t need much assistance in building and maintaining websites, then 1and1 one may be a good solution for your web hosting needs. However, if you don’t know that much about this sort of thing, 1and1 is definitely not the place you need to do business. Their customer service is just one step shy of awful – on the lower side of it. Twice I have been charged for cancelled domains after the domain had been out of service. Once I needed help with the lack of file security in the eStore, and was told in no uncertain terms that the program was a third-party creation, so it was not 1and1’s problem.

The final straw with 1and1 came this week when I asked for a discount for further use of their third-party eStore program. The reason I asked for the discount is because of the amount of manual labor I have to perform to maintain the program, along with the number of complaints I have, and the number customer complaints i’ve had about how difficult the eStore is to use. For all of it’s problems, the 1and1 eStore is definitely not worth the exorbitant amount of money that I pay for it. 1and1’s answer was to send me to a cancellation administrator – they would rather lose the business than make a customer happy. Not a problem, 1and1, i’d rather do business by sending manual links than use your program any further. And when the domain dues come around again, i’ll be considering other business there as well.

Anyway, Dan has found us another eStore solution, one that seems to be much simpler to use and can be integrated with these blog pages. Of course there will be a caveat in that some folks will no longer be able to access our pages, but that’s the small price of protecting our licencor’s trademarks.

We will be testing the new store throughout the week and hope to have it up and running by mid-month.