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Welcome to the Virtual Rail Creations page. Here you will find info on our latest offerings and upcoming projects.

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May 30, 2017

Current Products

You can find our current offerings here:

CSX C30-7 DLC for Train Simulator 2017 at the Steam Store.


Chessie System U30C DLC for Train Simulator 2017 at the Steam Store.

Chessie System

Memorial Day Sale!


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From the Scrapyard: Union Pacific Reskin for the DTG/Steam CSX C30-7

A while back, we were working on a full-fledged Union Pacific version of the C30-7. However, this was going to take a lot more time than first anticipated. On top of that, we do not have proper licensing for UP sales, so we decided to make this one a freebie. The skin DOES NOT make changes to the sounds, operations, or anatomical structure of the locomotive, so in the end, you will still have a CSX locomotive with UP paint on it. But hey, it’s free, so enjoy it!

WARNING: This requires a manual install, and it is recommended to who are considered ADVANCED USERS of TrainSimulator and know their way around a computer and the TS file system. Just make darn sure that you back up (or are able to do a file verification restore from Steam) your Steam installation before you do this, in case you mess things up and need to revert to the original. Oh, and read the installation instructions! You have been warned!


Price: FREE

UP C30-7 Skin download link.

Works In Progress

Come back a little later to see what we are doing for the future.



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