February Update

The new year is still young, and we are still in Winter’s grip. The days are cold and wet – perfect times for staying indoors and building locomotives!

The repaintable GP40 Undecorated Pack is out for sale, but we are a bit puzzled about it. Back when we released the GP40-2, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth by a few orally flatuent individuals on certain yak forums about the restrictions on repainting the units. Well now that we have basically given a classroom experience on how to repaint the Undec pack, all we hear are crickets. There has been no talk or indication that any repaints are coming. Come on folks, put your money where your keyboard is and lets see those skins!

Now onto news about the Road Slug and High Nose units. It’s pretty much the same as last month. Still working on them, blah blah blah, yakety yak. We’ll post daily updates as they become available.

The real excitement, for me at least, is that we are continuing to ramp up production on the U30C. The primary exteriors have been completed. Notice I said “exteriorS”. As of this writing, there are two variations of the unit. The earlier U30C’s were basically souped up versions of the U28, and shared much in common with theĀ older car body. Later U30’s had the full width rear cowls all the way down to the walkway deck. We will be bringing you both variations, although we have not decided on the second road name.

Construction on the cab has already begun, as well as unwrapping of long hood. It’s a short month, but we are hoping to send the locomotives to the paint shop in March.

BlenRen020115 That’s all for this month. Until next time, check in here and on our Facebook page for periodic updates on what’s coming your way!