GP40 Episode 10: Return of the Repaints

From reading the last post on our Blog, you will already know that production of the GP40 packs from VRC will cease on March 1. We’ve been working on this project for two years, and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. This may be disappointing to some of you who were hoping to see your favorite road name produced on these units. But don’t despair, there may yet be hope.

Early next week, we will be releasing a pack of GP40’s liveried in my favorite paint, the VRC Lease scheme. There are five different configurations: Phase 2 with ditch lights, Phase 1 without ditch lights, Phase 1 non-dynamic brake, GP40 with rear numbers and dynamic pilots, and GP40 with Gyra Lights. Each unit comes in a clean and a dirty version, and each unit, except for the non-dynamic, comes with dynamic snow. But perhaps the nicest feature for some of you is that each unit comes with the original exterior .PSD files, as well as the numberboard .ACE and numbering .CSV files. This means that those of you who like to repaint can have at it without having to go through the trouble of converting and opening .DDS files.

Now to answer the obvious question that will come up: can we redistribute the repaints? The answer: we still cannot transfer permission to do repaints to you from the licenses that we hold. You need to understand that if you choose to repaint and distribute the skins (no, you cannot redistribute the shape files, they have to be purchased from VRC), you are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission from the RR companies. If you don’t think you need to do this, that is your call, but it’s also your neck on the stump if they decide to call you on it. Now if you decide you want to do a repaint of one of the railroad companies that we do hold license to, you may consider distributing it on the VRC eStore under our license.


Now, beyond these VRC units, there are two more projects that are on the “scrap pile” right now. We are evaluating them to see if they could be salvaged by the March 1 deadline. The first is the CSX 30-Road Slug. Right now, it is fully operational. This is a problem though for a Slug, which is not supposed to crank. If we can get this and about eight cosmetic issues repaired soon, you may see this unit and it’s mother in the eStore.

2015-01-04_00003 2015-01-04_00002

This unit is really on the bubble. The NW GP40 high-nose just got it’s arse-backwards turn last week. The stand-up toilet is in place, the retro-dual-control stands are painted and operational. But the fact that it still has to be scripted, in some places painted, and all animations re-done mean that it requires a restoration worthy of a prototype steam locomotive. It is unknown whether this one will actually make it to the game, and if it does, it will be the final GP40 from VRC.