Let Us Give Thanks

They say that no man is an island, and the same could be said for us. I would like to give a little credit to some folks who stepped up to give us a little push in the right direction on the journey to get the GP40-2 released.

Michael Stephan

You may know this name from Golden Age of Rails. He has allowed us to use his quality freight cars, repainted by MadMike, in our packages. I just love that coil car!

Anthony Wood

This guy is to locomotives what Ben Burtt is to Star Wars! His sounds are generously mixed in with our in-house recordings, but they take center stage in the Chessie, Seaboard, and L&N units.

“The Electrician”

If you really want to know how a locomotive¬†works, skip the engineer and talk to someone who makes a living working on and maintaining locomotives. This individual helped Dan with understanding what electrical component triggers what action during locomotive operations. The anonymous tag is because even though we only received general information that pertained only to locomotive operations, we didn’t want The Company to get the wrong idea and have a bad attitude about it.

George Walker

As the Shop Foreman at the Tennessee Valley railroad museum, George knows his rail equipment. As I also found out during the personal tour he gave me of the shop and surrounding locomotives, he also knows a good bit about train simulators and games. The knowledge, sights, and sounds went a long way towards building accuracy into the models.

Eric Miller

Ed Kaspriske

Both of the gentlemen allowed us the use of their sound recordings so that we could make the package just a little more real. Eric allowed the use of the RS3L horn, which is used on the older GP40-2 units. We did not get to use any of Ed’s vast collection of horns this time, but don’t worry, we aren’t done yet!

Honorable mention:

Lucy McCook

Matt Peddlesden 

And most of all:

Our Families

You got left behind late at night, dragged to every museum and train show, were made to sit by the railroad tracks for hours on end, had to listen to hours of boring talk on how to oprate a machine that you couldn’t care less about. Thanks for hanging in there!

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