Sneak Peek

The U30C moves inexorably closer to release! You may want to get a head start on getting to know the road-switcher, so the operator’s manual is being released early. This is a first edition and subject to change before final release.

If you bought the GP40, then you will find a lot of similarities in the controls. The GP40 and U30’s were built around the same time, so the technology is going to be similar even though it was two different locomotive companies building the units.

General Electric U30C Operating Manual

Cover Photo

As far as a release date, the plan is to begin paid beta testing around September 3rd. By “paid” beta testing I mean that a limited number of reduced priced locomotive packs will be made available to those who wish to get a first look and are serious about providing feedback. Now on the surface that may seem like at the least a crazy idea. But it seems to be the only way to weed out individuals who care nothing about improving the model and want to “test” just so they can say they got their hands on it first. It is also not much different than releasing a gimped product to your paying customers because the beta testers didn’t do their jobs. Anyway, if the beta purchaser provides the feedback we need to improve the model, the purchase price will be refunded at the end of the testing period, and they get to keep the locomotive for free.

If the locomotive tests well, then the intention is to release the full pack the day after TS2016 is released. This delay is necessary to be sure that it will work with the 2016 TSX version.