Sound Submission

We need authentic sounds for the C39-8 locomotive project:

– Notch 1
– Notch 2
– Notch 3
– Notch 4
– Notch 5
– Notch 6
– Notch 7
– Notch 8
– Runnning Dynamic Brake

Each sound is worth $50, payable via Pay-Pal upon project completion and sales either to DTG or via our website.

Here are the rules for sound submissions for our DLC locomotives:

1. First and foremost, do not, do not, DO NOT, DOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOT trespass on RAILROAD PROPERTY or ANY OTHER PROPERTY along the right-of-way to get these sounds. If you don’t have explicit permission from railroad personnel to be on or near railroad property or equipment, then don’t do it.

2. Second, SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. If you can find a nice place to record locomotive sounds, make sure you are not in harms way. Stay aware of your surroundings.

3. These sounds cannot be taken from Youtube or any other existing website video of any format. These must be your own original submissions, and you must have the original source format.

4. Since C39-8’s are no longer available here in the United States, the sounds can be recorded from B39-8’s, B39-8E’s, C40-8’s, or C40-8 w’s.

5. Sounds must be at least CD quality. Good quality recordings can be made using digital video recorders, most modern DSLR cameras, or dedicated digital audio recording devices.

6. WAV format is most desired, as it is uncompressed and can be easily reworked. MOV and other hi-def video formats are also acceptable, though they may be larger in file size. MP3 is not as desirable, but if submitted should be 320kb constant bitrate or above.

7. Sound samples from each locomotive Notch should be at least 10 seconds long and steady, without revving up or down. Revs up and down can be used, but the main notch must be steady.

8. If the locomotive is moving, then you will need to be sure that you can get the sound without the “Doppler Effect” – the rise and drop in pitch that happens as an object travels closer then moves away from you.

9. Sound samples need to be as clean as possible. Car and truck noise, talking, birds chirping, etc are unacceptable. These sounds will be looped, and any extraneous noise will be repeated every few seconds.

Once your sound is submitted, you are consenting the right for Virtual Rail Creations to use the sound in any way they see fit, including in past or future projects. Only ONE submitted sound will be selected for each one on the required list. If your sound is used, you will be paid by money transfer to your PayPal account, and only if the package that the sound is being used with is actually accepted by Dovetail games, or is sold on the VRC website. If your sound is not selected to be used in the C39-8 package, but is used in another project at a later time, then you will be paid at the time that the sound is used.

Here is a video showing the idle sound that is already on the locomotive. Any submitted sounds need to be this clean and clear for use.