Terms of Use – End User License Agreement

Virtual Rail Creations

End-User License Agreement For All Products Sold Through VRC (excludes Steam products)

 License ver. 052617.2100

It’s big, bold, in your face, and in plain English. You need to read it because now that you have purchased the locomotive, you are bound by it!

Important Info:

  • Our 3D models are both operationally and visually challenging on most computer systems, meaning you will need a robust computer to run them. The software has been tested on mid-range laptops, but this is by no means an optimal play experience. We recommend at least a new generation quad-core processor, 8-16GB of memory, and a GeForce 760 or higher graphics card. Even better would be running your train simulation games from an SSD drive. As we said at first, you can try running our models on lower end systems, but if they stutter, don’t say you were not warned!
  1. General Licensing
  • A). THIS LICENSE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The reason we warned on our web site and at the beginning of this EULA about making sure your computer is up to snuff is that once you purchase and download the software license, it is yours whether the software performs to your expectations or not. The reason for this is simple; software can be copied, and there are enterprising individuals that may copy the software and then demand a refund. There is no way for us to know if he has deleted his refunded copy, so we are not even going to go there in the first place.
  • B). You are not buying any software from this site, you are simply buying a license to use the software on your computer system, with the appropriate core simulation or game. If we actually sold you the software itself, we could be giving up ownership to you, which could be bad for us and anyone who may want future improvements and updates.
  • C). This license can be invalidated (that means it ain’t no good no more and you don’t have the right to use it) if you do not follow the rules as lain out in this EULA. We are not asking you to do anything hard, just simply follow a few rules that will help us to continue improving our DLC offerings and encourage future development.
  • D). This is a single-user license, meaning one software license purchased can be used on one computer that has the appropriate core simulation or game installed. We are not going to call out the S.W.A.T. team if you decide you want to install it to a second computer you own in the same house, or on a laptop you own so you can take it on the go. But installing for others (defined as anyone who is not you), whether it be family, friends, or anyone else, requires that a license be purchased for each individual who will use it. Please support us by encouraging others to purchase their own licenses. We got to pay for our licenses too!
  • E). You can, and are strongly encouraged to make copies of the licensed software for your own personal backup. We are not affiliated with Steam, so we cannot recover backup copies of your licensed software if you somehow lose your game, OS, or computer.
  • F). This licensed software is for your personal use only, and you may not give away, sell, or redistribute any part of it to anyone else. Redistribution in any form, whether for sale or free, physical or e-media, is considered an act of piracy, will immediately invalidate your license, and may bring legal action against you. Please see section three of this EULA for information regarding repaints and reskins.
  • G). We make no warranties or guarantees, explicit or implied, that this licensed software will perform as you expect it to, that it will even perform at all, or that it will not somehow cause damage or even destroy your computer and it’s associated software. We seriously doubt anything bad is going to happen, as we have tested the software for hundreds of hours. But since all computer systems differ in composition, it is difficult to predict every performance situation. By purchasing the licensed software, you have agreed to this EULA, and Virtual Rail Creations, it’s associates, and if affiliates are held blameless if something does happen and damages occur.
  • H). This license is a product specific EULA that is an extension of the general EULA that is posted at http://vrailcreations.net. That general EULA supersedes this one, and should be considered the final authority in this matter. If changes are made to that EULA, notice of the change will be posted on the same website, and this product EULA will be changed to reflect this as soon as is practically possible.
  • I). PROBLEM RESOLUTION. If you have a problem with these items that is NOT related to repainting/reskinning the product, then we will work with you, within reason, to resolve them. If at ANY time you ask for a refund, denigrate the product on social media or yak forums, or file a complaint with Pay Pal, support will be immediately withdrawn. All PayPal refund requests or complaints will be denied and vigorously defended. You will also be banned from making future purchases from this website, and you will be banned from participation in other VRC sites and social media. This rule is in place because even though the vast majority of our customers are compliant, a select very few have decided to abuse the system and make unreasonable demands for support and refunds.
  1. Other Rights or Limits
  • A). You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble this model and it’s associated software.
  • B). You are forbidden from inserting malicious software, which includes viruses, Trojans, malware, or heretofore unknown destructive code into our software, whether for malicious or benign purpose.
  • C). No part of the models that we produce and license may be used to build, rebuild, or enhance any other model. There is no other purpose for the core models or child objects than to serve this model.

Concerning repaints, or rekins, of this locomotive, the following rules apply: