“Thanks for this Awesome Workhorse!”

“This locomotive is AWESOME!”

“VRC is definety a diamond in the rough, you should be proud of your
achievements. I will continue to pass on to my friends the great work
you are doing.”

“I have your model of the GP40, it is one of the best model of an
american locos.”

“Thanks for your concern and attention – pity some other third party
vendors don’t follow suit.”

“Great work!”

” I was able to load up the main engine and the other skin and it looks

“I just wanted to comment in that I and others have been waiting for a
developer to come out with better detailed cabs and engines.  I have
found it preferable to buy directly from the vendor rather the ***, ***
or whatever they call themselves these days.  Most of the engines they
come out with are just another pretty face on the outside but severely
lacking in cab functionality.  I am very impressed with your work.”

“I am very satisfied with the product I have received”

“These engines really look great and and the cabs have all the “bells
and whistles” as we like to say.”

“Outstanding locomotive, I’ll be sure to make a post or two. Again Thank
You, looking forward to the L&N version.”

“Btw nice work on these beauties!”

“First up, a beautiful set..well done!!. ”

“So far I am very happy with this model and it’s the first time i felt
like $20 is worth it for a railworks model.”

     These are actual customer comments from folks who have purchased the VRC GP40-2 and it’s add-on packs (names are withheld due to privacy considerations). We have had great success with this asset, but we need the help of our customers, one more time, to take this to the next level.
     Over a year ago, we took what we were doing at the time with the GP40 to Dovetail Games. We told them “here this is, please take our money!” (Anyone who has been involved with their “Partner Program” knows what we mean by that). The project was initially received by the Company with enthusiasm. However, to make a long story short, they decided to quibble over possible issues that never came to pass.  After six months of little progress, we purchased an eStore website, published the GP40-2 ourselves, and the rest is history.
     We have been in intermittent contact with DTG since then. But despite the satisfied customers, despite the sales numbers, despite purchases world-wide, they are still skeptical of our intentions and abilities. You might ask, “if your products are so successful, why would you want to sell it to DTG”? Being that selling through Steam would mean a 65% revenue cut, the best reason is for the exposure. Despite the forums, Facebook, and word of mouth of the folks who had the faith enough to purchase from an unknown group of modelers, we have reached less than half of one percent of the potential users of Railworks. We think we have a good product, good enough to add value to DTG’s stable of rail game products.
     We are also thinking of the future. The U30C is 85% complete shape-wise, and will be going into painting and animation at the end of this month. It will be even better than the GP40. The issues that DTG did not like (or pretended not to like) about the GP40 will be eliminated, as we are using a much more sophisticated program this time around. Our future will be brighter, and we would like to share it with as many railfans as we possibly can.
     So here is how we need your help. If you purchased the GP40-2 pack, and you found it to be to your liking, drop DTG a line on their Facebook and on their email accounts and let them know that the locomotive, and our future products, are worth taking another look. Let them know that it will be an easy play for them, as we – and you the customers – have already done the hard work. All they have to do is take the money! Please be diplomatic and mannerly though –  remember more flies are caught with honey than vinegar.
     You can reach Dovetail Games easily through their Facebook page. Their regular email address is at support@railsimulator.com. Make sure to note that the email needs to be directed to the manager of 3rd Party Support as well.
     Thanks folks for all your past and your continued future support!