Things Are A Little Sluggish


I would be willing to bet that you thought we forgot about this one. A long time coming, but finally here, the CSX Road Slug is now for sale on our eStore!

Road slugs have been around for a long time. More than just rolling stock with control stands, they provide extra traction at low speeds, which is useful for slow, heavy haul duty and for car switching. Currently, CSX is rebuilding old GP30’s, 35’s, 38’s, and even GP40’s into slugs. After having their doors and prime movers removed, the shells are fitted with welded sheet metal, and usually concrete or other heavy materials are used to provide weight. The control cabs are retained and the controls themselves are upgraded by third-party locomotive re-manufacturers. Special receptacles are then built into the Slug and the Mother unit, connected by electrical cables to enable power transfer between the two units.

Although slugs do provide tractive effort by siphoning extra electricity from the Mother unit, their usefulness is limited to low speeds. At speeds greater than Transition, around 24mph, the Mother locomotive needs all of it’s power, so the slug’s traction motors are cut out.

The VRC CSX Road Slug Pack brings these unusual pieces of rolling stock to Train Simulator 2015. Items included in the Package:

– CSX GP40-2 Mother unit.

– CSX Road Slug (former GP30).

– Quick drive scenario, utilizing the freight cars from the CSX Primary Pack.

– The scenario “Interchange – Slugged”, which was originally featured in the Primary Pack.

To celebrate our latest release, we have a special deal!  For a limited time, when you buy the GP40-2 Primary Pack, you get the Road Slug pack for free. And for those of you who have already purchased the GP40-2 Primary Pack, we have a half-price deal on the Road Slug pack – $3.75. It’s our way of saying thank you for your business to our past and potential future customers. But the deal won’t last long, so get on over to the eStore and get your Slug today!