Time for a Mid-June Update

Summer is finally here! It’s hot, it’s humid, and everything is slowing down like runny molasses. Out of necessity in the real world, VRC has gone from a rolling boil to a slow simmer. But any chef will tell you, slow cooking brings the best flavor.

The U30C has reached a critical phase in it’s development. We’ ve got exterior view, cab view, toilet view, front deck view, and even a prime-mover view. The Railworks Asset Editor will scream bloody murder if we try to add one more part or object, so we are at an end to building. As a matter of fact, the last two parts were added this morning with the installation of the weather windows and dynamic cab numbering.

The majority of the controls are hooked up, and the unit will start using the expert mode startup sequence. The focus now is on the remaining controls and animations, as well as finding and fixing the little visual anomalies that have escaped our notice.

The next goal with the U30 is to get it into Beta Testing by mid-July. This does not mean that you should expect an August release. Sounds will not be recorded for the unit until the end of July, and those are expected to be the final items we shove under the hood. Given the complexity of it, that could take several weeks afterwards.



2015-06-15_00002 2015-06-15_00004 2015-06-15_00006 2015-06-15_00005As to the freight car that will be added to the pack, that is being handled a bit differently this time. I am trying my hand at making the freight car(s). Being that this project was just recently initiated, there will be one freight car supplied with each locomotive paint scheme, with more becoming available as they are built. I hope that you like what you see the first time out.


We are usually working on more than one project at a time, and this time is no exception. We are slowly returning to releasing some of the GP40-2’s that we did not get to the first time around. Call it a “second run” if you will. When you spend 2-1/2 years developing an item, you can become mighty tired of it. Back in December, I felt as if I were going to blow chunks every time I had to look at a GP40. But given that it’s been almost seven months since i’ve worked with it, i’ve grown a little more fond of it’s “simplicity”. Dan is working hard with it and we will be releasing the NS versionwithin the next few weeks.


The end of summer looks to be an exciting time for VRC!