Service Pack 1 Update News

I just got word that the final bug has been squashed and GP40 Service Pack 1 update is going to press this weekend. This pack will be for users who have purchased the GP40 and it’s add-ons since September 3rd. A partial list of the things the pack will include:

New Features

  • New Environment folder for units that have seasonal FX enabled.
  • Shortcut key Shift + Cntl + W to force Winter children, or revert to the season the scenario started with.
  • Shortcut key Shift + Cntl + S to force Summer…. yea same deal.
  • Scripting overhaul to add new functions to the locomotive. These scripts will be required by future add-on releases.
  • Default folder for the GP40 model will come with the Primary Pack to reduce the size of future add-ons.
  • New interlocks for the Reverser to keep it from loading under certain conditions, as per prototype.
  • Locomotive is prevented from loading if the console Gen-Field switch or the RevControl breaker is off, per prototype.
  • Improved debugging for those who use LogMate.

Bug Fixes

  • The cabs for CSX01-04 are being upgraded with rounded console gauges, objects that do not glow at night when lit by outside light sources, and the strobe switch for CSX02 is now labeled.
  • Fix for Speedo/Accelerometer: Off at locomotive startup and can be controlled with the HOT/SPD switch.
  • Accelerometer shows negative digits on CSX01-02.
  • Ditch Lights can now be turned off after being turned on.
  • A intermittent bug was found in the Power transition and it is now working correctly.
  • Fix for Chessie WM and C&O units that will not start in Expert Mode.
  • Fix for sound and loading animations for Chessie WM and C&O hopper cars.
  • Amp gauge does not accurately show amps when DB is in use.
  • Some virtual controls were affected by the TS 2015 update, the side effects have been corrected.

We are planning to make the Service Pack available for a few brave individuals who want to test it on Monday, December 8. If all goes well, we should be getting it out to our other customers soon afterwards.

And no worries about not getting the Chessie cabs updated, or if there is something else that we did not get around to fixing in this iteration. Service Pack 2 is already planned!

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