Updates, Upgrades, and Patches, oh my!

As you have probably seen and heard by now, DTG will be upgrading TrainSimulator to version 2015 on Thursday, September 18th. According to the Steam forum, on Monday September 15th they will be issuing a “pre-patch” to make ready for the arrival of the new version. Now history has shown that these updates are never gentle; DTG treats it’s upgrades to the next version like building a dirt driveway with a nuclear bomb. That being said, make sure before Monday that you copy your entire Railworks install folder to a safe location so that you will have it to fall back on if something goes awry.

As far as our products go, we do not at this time anticipate any issues with the GP40-2. The locomotive is contained within it’s own directory within the Assets folder, and does not have any dependency on TrainSimulator files outside of the core game. But, just in case something does happen to cause the locomotive to malfunction after the TS2015 update, you should at minimum know where your VRC GP40-2 install files are located. If a simple reinstall does not fix problems that arise, we are on standby to start working on a fix for any issues. We are already planning an update patch for sometime in the next few weeks after the TS2015 update, and if any problems arise, the fixes will be contained within that patch.

Keep your fingers crossed!